What is an e-ticket?

E-ticket is a .pdf (Portable Document Format) document that contains information on an event, its organizer and the ticket number or the barcode, which confirms the authenticity of the ticket.

You will need Adobe Reader (available free of charge at the Adobe webpage) in order to view the .pdf document.

How to receive an e-ticket?

After placing an order and making a payment you can:

  • Save the e-ticket on your computer
  • Print the e-ticket
  • Receive the e-ticket by e-mail

All purchased tickets are also available at the My Account > My Purchases section after making the payment.

How to use an e-ticket?

To use an e-ticket you have to print it on an A4 size paper. The color of the print is not important, the e-ticket is valid in black and white as well. The texts and the barcode of the printed ticket have to be clear, otherwise the ticket may be invalid.

Security of an e-ticket

In order to secure yourself against unpleasant incidents, please make sure that your e-ticket (both the .pdf document and the A4 print-out) is not available to unknown persons.

The customer has to specify his/her name and surname during the purchase. When entering the event with an e-ticket, you have to show a valid ID upon request by the ticket control officers.

!Please do not mix the invoice with the e-ticket!