"The Day After Tomorrow" theatre play 11 июня 2023, 19:00 (воскресенье)

"The Day After Tomorrow" theatre play

Biedrība Art Expansion
11 июня 2023, 19:00 (воскресенье)
Вход: 18:40
Начало: 19:00
Ограничение по возрасту: 12+
An eccentric performance-improvisation with a taste of farce and buffoonery.

The play is based on Italian playwright Carlo Gozzi’s commedia dell’arte “The Love of Three Oranges”.
Prince Tartaglia, the only son of king Silvio XIV, is incurably ill: he has hypochondria, depression, and, according to Doctor Brigella’s diagnosis, every existing diseases. While the king is in deep sorrow, his courtiers are divided into two hostile parties. Clarice, niece of the king, and her fiancé Marcello are doing everything to harm the prince, hoping to overtake the throne. A king’s faithful General Pantalone, in turn, is trying to help the prince and to expose the villains. Meanwhile, two external powerful forces are interfering in the story: an evil witch Morgana and a good magician Tchelio. Morgana curses the prince and he leaves the castle to search for Three Magical Oranges.

What faith is awaiting prince Tartaglia and the other inhabitants of the castle? Will the Magical Oranges bring him hapiness?
The audience will experience a quite loose interpretation of the original story, grotesque forms, surrealistic atmosphere and sparkling humor.

  Director: Tatjana Klimane

Language: English

Age limit: 12+
Duration: 2 h (with a break)
Time: 19:00
Doors open at : 18:40
Дом культуры "Иманта"

Дом культуры "Иманта"

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