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Katalogs / / Muurahaismies (Finland) & Silvia in Riga
Muurahaismies (Finland) & Silvia in Riga
26 septembris, 2020, 20:00 (sestdiena)
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Muurahaismies is a three-piece semiacoustic alternative rock band from southern Finland. With it’s deep dark tones combined with a touch of lemon and cyanide, Muurahaismies will offer crispy edges and stonecold grunge tones with a slight edge of heavier influences. Live performance of the band is powered with the singer-guitarist Anchi’s live looping madness through the hellfire of different effect pedals, Jucha’s crazy ass beating of the electro cajon drum and Mike Marliana’s crawling bass lines.
Muurahaismies is an independent artist and has published three albums throughout Record Union;
Mutaa & Muurahaisia (2017)
Pudotus (2018)
Kun Maailma Oli Kaunis (2019)
Anchi - vocals, guitars
Mike Marliana - bass, backing vocals
Jucha - electro cajon, percussions

Silvia Alternative rock band Silvia from Latvia, Rīga was founded in 2015 and consists of five members – Ģirts Stankevičs (vocals/bass), Kāris Zvejnieks (guitar), Valters Upenieks (guitar) and Dāgs Jermičuks (drums). Band loves to play their peculiar metal/rock style songs and enjoy to show the powerful attitude on stage to listeners.
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