Ticket insurance service

Tikcet insurance service provider is insurance company Balcia Insurance SE, the policyholder is Ticketshop (SIA First Row Technology) and the insured person is the ticket holder (event attendee).

The insurance covers the insured person's losses if, as a result of an unforeseen event, he is unable to receive the service at the time and place specified in the insured ticket, incl. if the event is cancelled/postponed and tickets are not refunded for any reason.

For example, if the Insured person cannot attend the event due to:

  • Local restrictions by institution responsible for disease prevention and control of a certain country;
  • Accident in the Insured persons Home (no more than 2 days before the event);
  • In case of sudden illness or accident of the Insured person or the Insured persons Relative;
  • Death of the Insured persons or the Insured persons Relative;
  • Vehicle damage;
  • Transfer and postponement of the service (event);
  • Service (event) cancellation;

If the ticket is transferred to another person, the ticket insurance together with the ticket is automatically transferred to the new ticket holder (attendee of the event).

If it's necessary to apply for compensation

Act according to the situation and as soon as it is possible contact Balcia Insurance SE or fill out the compensation claim form. With the form, You must supply:

  • Insured ticket (cannot be used for attendance);
  • Information about the reason why it was not possible to receive the Service and its supporting document(s).

Please read Insurance terms & conditions and IPID, and if necessary request more information from Balcia Insurance SE by e-mail [email protected] or phone 82222, +371 206 82 222 (calling from outside Latvia).

For more information visit www.balcia.lv.