Purchase rules

The users of the Internet store www.ticketshop.lv (later in text "e-store") created by "FIRST ROW TECHNOLOGY", Ltd., agree and undertake the below mentioned regulations.

The e-store is administered by "FIRST ROW TECHNOLOGY", Ltd.(later in text TICKETSHOP). Legal address: 21/k3-29 Rupniecibas str., Riga, LV-1045. E-mail [email protected].

1. Subject of the contract

1.1. TICKETSHOP sells event tickets according to the demand of the organizers and in their interests, and is in no way authorized to determine or change tickets prices or their realization regulations (including the seating arrangement, the venue capacity and other parameters), to hand out or refund missing, destroyed or damaged tickets.

1.2. Ticket rights and obligations are determined and announced by the event organizer and TICKETSHOP does not take any responsibility for the content or the implementation of these rights and obligations.

1.3. Visas tiesības un saistības sakarā ar biļetēm nosaka konkrētā pasākuma organizators un TICKETSHOP nav atbildīgs par šo tiesību un saistību saturu, izmaiņām vai izpildīšanu.

1.4. Organizatora nosaukums un kontaktinformācija ir pieejama uz visām pasākumu biļetēm.

1.5. TICKETSHOP nav pasākuma organizatora vai jebkuras citas personas, kas atbildīga par pasākuma organizāciju, saturu un kvalitāti, informāciju vai reklāmu, pārstāvis.

1.6. TICKETSHOP neatlīdzina nozaudēto, iznīcināto un bojāto biļešu vērtību, un neizsniedz citas biļetes šādu biļešu vietā.

2. Biļešu veidi, cenas un apmaksa

2.1. Ticket rates and the amount of the available tickets for a particular rate is subject to changes until the moment when the client has transferred his desired tickets to the shopping cart.

2.2. There can be tickets with different rates available for purchase for the same event at the same time. The event organizer has the rights to create his own selling strategy without confirming it with neither TICKETSHOP or the potential event visitors and ticket holders.

2.3. According to the event organizer's strategy, there can be special ticket offers or special rates available. Their regulations and terms are specified in the description of each of the events.

2.4. There are 15 minutes available at the e-store in order for the client to pay for the chosen tickets using Swedbank Internet bank or payment cards (VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Maestro).

2.5. The e-tickets are sold until 2 hours before the event unless the organizer has determined otherwise.

2.6. If the client doesn't make the payment during the 15 minutes he has been given, the transaction has not happened. Tickets are release for a free sale and the client must begin the process of the purchase from the start.

2.7. Ticket purchase at the Internet store www.ticketshop.lv is a paid service and the service charge is added to the total sum of the purchase.

2.8. No reservations are possible at the e-store. The payment for the chosen tickets has to be done immediately.

2.9. Ticketshop is entitled to cancel a purchase should suspicions arise of a possible fraudulent nature of the transaction.

2.10. The use of another person's Internet bank, bank card and/or bank card details, including purchase of products and services is against the law. In case of a criminal activity of this nature, the guilty person can be called to justice according to the Criminal Law of the Republic of Latvia.

3. Piegāde

3.1. After making the payment it is possible to print immediately, save or print the e-ticket later (.pdf format) when returning to the trader. The ticket is also automatically sent to the e-mail address, specified during the purchase. The ticket can also be found and printed from the client's personal account at the TICKETSHOP Internet store under "History of purchases".

3.2. TICKETSHOP does not take responsibility for the mistakes in the ticket delivery if the reason for it is wrong data given by the client.

3.3. In case you haven't received the e-mail with the purchased tickets, please contact us on [email protected].

4. Trader's responsibility

4.1. One client can buy no more than 8 tickets to one event during one purchase, unless the event organizer has determined otherwise.

4.2. TICKETSHOP does not double-check user's person, except username and password. The data of a registered user is protected and is not available for public viewing. Registration in not compulsory in order to make a purchase.

4.3. Neither TICKETSHOP nor the event organizer double-checks the purchaser's or ticket owner's identity and does not take any responsibility for any losses it might cause.

4.4. TICKETSHOP does not double-check user's rights to purchase tickets with a discount. The purchase of a discounted ticket does not guarantee entry in the territory of the event. Entry rights in these cases would be checked at the actual venue.

4.5. TICKETSHOP has the rights to block user's log-in an/or annul any purchase by a user in case of violation of the E-store's regulations.

4.6. TICKETSHOP webpage can contain links to information on the Internet. TICKETSHOP does not take any responsibility for their relevancy, signification or information, as TICKETSHOP is not capable of controlling the contents of any of these links.

5. Purchaser's responsibility

5.1. 5.1. The user of the E-store promises not to disturb the operation and technological solutions of the E-store.

5.2. Any type of supervision, copying, reproduction, adaption, usage and data republishing of the E-stpre is strictly prohibited for any intentions.

5.3. Any type of activity that produces a disproportionately large download of information on the E-store or the ticket reservation system, is strictly prohibited.

5.4. By using the E-store, its user agrees:

  • that he/she is at least 18 years' old (persons of limited responsibility, aged 7-18, are required a confirmation by a person of full responsibility that they have been given the rights to use the E-store);
  • to follow all regulations of the E-store;
  • to take full responsibility of activities done by his/her username and password;
  • not to use a third person's payment card in order to purchase the tickets;
  • to follow all regulations that are printed on to each of the tickets.

5.5. TICKETSHOP has the rights to block the log-in and/or annul any purchase by the user in case of violation of the regulations.

6. Cancellation of the order / Refund of the transaction sum

6.1. In accordance with Cab. regulations Nr.207 (28.05.2002) "Distance Contracts" and its sub-paragraph Nr. 15.11, "Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, consumers may not exercise the right of withdrawal if a seller or service provider after entering into the contract regarding accommodation or transport services, catering or entertainment events undertakes to provide the service on a specific day or within a specific time period.", the purchased tickets are not to be purchased back, unless the event organizer determines otherwise.

6.2. In the case of an event cancellation, date or venue change, TICKETSHOP is not responsible for the change or refund of the tickets.

6.3. The change or refund of the tickets is managed by the event organizer or TICKETSHOP, if there is an agreement with the event organizer.

6.4. In case of the event cancellation or date/venue change, the client is refunded only the face value of the ticket using the same payment type that was used when purchasing the ticket.

6.5. TICKETSHOP does not take any responsibility neither for the cancelled events, their organization, production, advertising or information about the event nor for any of the potential losses or compensation payments that may occur in case of the cancellation or change of the event.

7. Other regulations

7.1. All complaints regarding the content, quality and advertising of the event are to be addressed to the event organizer.

7.2. Any disagreements that may occur while shopping at the E-store are to be solved in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

7.3. These regulations are available at the TICKETSHOP webpage www.ticketshop.lv under section "Help", where it is also possible to download and save them.