IC3PEAK / Rīga 29 aprīlis 2022, 19:00 (piektdiena)

IC3PEAK / Rīga

organizē Adspanse s.r.o.
29 aprīlis 2022, 19:00 (piektdiena)
Sākums: 19:00
Ieeja: 19:00 
beigas: 23:00

You can't be ready for this show, we all have never seen anything similar in Riga.

Cold concrete walls, filth, gloomy darkness, fog. Under strobe light, there is a symphonic rave and behind the rave, there is Nastya Kreslina and Nikolay Kostylev – Moscow based duo called IC3PEAK.
Their sound is soaked with hard 808 beats backed up by dark, gut-wrenching keyboard pads. Aggressive rap occasionally changes with Kreslina’s opera-like voice, while still bearing lyrics full of criticism towards the life in Russia and human rights.

The whole feeling is underlined by their visual style – Raw and obscene, heavily influenced by the metal subculture. Get it all at once in April, in ROXY!
Melnā Piektdiena

Melnā Piektdiena

Brīvības gatve 193c, Rīga

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Adspanse s.r.o.


Adspanse s.r.o.

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