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IC3PEAK / Rīgas Anglikāņu Svētā Pestītāja baznīcā
11 decembris, 2020, 19:00 (piektdiena)
Rīgas Anglikāņu Svētā Pestītāja baznīca
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no 20 līdz 40 €
Ieeja: 19:00 
beigas: 23:00

The European Tour 2020 closing concert will take part in the Anglican Church of Riga. The number of tickets is strictly limited to 400.

You can't be ready for this show, we all have never seen anything similar in Riga.

Cold concrete walls, filth, gloomy darkness, fog. Under strobe light, there is a symphonic rave and behind the rave, there is Nastya Kreslina and Nikolay Kostylev – Moscow based duo called IC3PEAK.
Their sound is soaked with hard 808 beats backed up by dark, gut-wrenching keyboard pads. Aggressive rap occasionally changes with Kreslina’s opera-like voice, while still bearing lyrics full of criticism towards the life in Russia and human rights.

The whole feeling is underlined by their visual style – Raw and obscene, heavily influenced by the metal subculture. Get it all at once in April, in ROXY!
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  • Rīgas Anglikāņu Svētā Pestītāja baznīca
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